Action! The summer of '72

Bill Foran would arrange for his School choir to be on hand. The date for the unveiling would be Sunday, September 24, 1972. Guest speaker, historian Harry Pietersma explained the historic sites plaquing system which began in 1956, gaining momentum after 1967. Only major sites were marked, using primary resources such as maps, original documents and diaries to gather the requisite historical facts for the legend on a plaque. The Cairn Committee must measure the wording carefully when submitting a final draft before installation.

The Society was asked to channel charitable receipts for donors of money toward the fencing of the old Methodist Cemetery at Lloydtown; this motion by Len Osin and Risdon Atkinson was unanimously carried. Mr. Sheardown suggested that the Society might consider publishing a book 1 on Township history. It was agreed by the members present that no general meetings be held during July and August, but the executive and the Programme Committee must get together for necessary business during the summer.

And so they did, July 11, 1972, appointing a new Secretary, welcoming the news that the King City School Band in addition to Mr. Foranís choir, would perform at the Cairn event and lamenting that there was still no news from Ottawa about the application for charitable status. Mayor Mc Taggart was added to the speakersí roster and either Blake or Ross Lloyd would do the honours at the cairn unveiling ceremony.

"There was considerable discussion over the design of the cairn." Its estimated cost was reported at $600-$700 and tenders were being sought. Mr. Winter stated that he was privately collecting funds for restoration of the Lloydtown Cemetery 2 and any excess money would be "channeled (sic) to the Cairn Fund at no cost to the members of the Society." Mr. Winter was voted chair of the Cairn finance committee. At this meeting the reported bank balance was only $258.45. Undaunted, members voted that the cairn event would be refreshed with cider, bread and cheese, paid from the Cairn Fund.

1 A suggestion repeated many times during the ensuing years!
2 A major restoration by KTHS was completed in 2000.

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