KTHS is Born: Springtime of the First Year

As the late winter winds blew through King Township March 23, 1972, a meeting was convened at the Schomberg Community Hall by the Mayor, Ken MacTaggart; its purpose was to establish a King Township Historical Society, as instructed by the municipality's Board. To conduct business pro tem, he appointed Bill Foran as Chair and Alden Winter as Secretary.

Speaking to the proposal, David McFall summarized the importance of the township's history to his own family and outlined the purpose of such a society with the formal requirements of organization. Jesse Bryson, a member of the Vaughan Historical Society followed by introducing Russ Cooper, representing the Historical Division of the Toronto Conservation Authority, who stressed the value of preserving pioneer history. President of the Vaughan Society, Mr. Snider, heartily endorsed the goals and asked Mr Cooper to show a film about Black Creek Pioneer Village.

After discussion the meeting agreed to appoint a three-person nominating committee with responsibility for drafting a constitution and proposing a slate of officers; Norma Etheridge, Murray Sheardown and Alden Winter accepted the task and set March 30th for their first working session.

Those in attendance at the March 23rd gathering were the above mentioned individuals plus: Patricia Ham; Doris Willoughby; Elizabeth Gillham; Bernice and Chester Ellis; Leonard Osin; Margaret Britnell; Eric D. Scott; Mr. And Mrs. J. Smithyes; Betty Molnar; Norman Greensides; Victor Marchant; Mr and Mrs. Frank Beatty; Tom and Joan Styles; Jean McFall; Ruth Urquhart; Sinclair Stevens; Risdon Atkinson; Stan Kunki and one other illegible name.

Not long afterward, on the evening of April 13, 1972, the King Township Historical Society's charter meeting opened with 32 persons singing "O Canada". The nominating committee was ready with a full slate: President, Alden Winter; Vice President, Frank Beatty; Treasurer, Norman Greensides; Secretary, Betty Molnar with Assistant Secretary, Doris Winter; Publicity, Ann McWilliam; Programme Committee, Norma Etheridge and Doris Willoughby; Membership Committee, Bernice Ellis and William Craig. Directors: Jean Goodfellow; Jack McBride; Ruth Urquhart; Margaret Britnell; Bill Poulis; Alex von Svoboda. Mayor MacTaggart conducted the installation of the new executive.

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