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2920 King Road,
King City, Ontario

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    image placeholder In the beginning...
    The King Township Archives grew from the realization in 2000 by a sub- committee of the King Township Historical Society (Virginia Atkins, Janice Kowalewski, Sheila Millar, Elsa-Ann Pickard, Helen Poulis, Heather Robertson, Mary Scott, Doris Willoughby, and Gavin Watt with advice
    from the library's Sharon Bentley) that the new century posed change and challenge to a comfortable rural community. Older folks were moving away, the farm fields were being measured for new development and no one seemed to be preserving stories or documents of the past so younger generations could discover what King was like in earlier times.

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    The King Township Archives Project
    An application for an Ontario Trillium Foundation grant in 2000 brought success and a small fund to hire researcher Jude Scott, who used Elizabeth Gillham's "Early Settlements of King Township" as a guide.
    She went out into the community to survey what kinds of documents and keepsakes suitable for an archive were held by residents. It was an idea that made waves! The survey's enthusiastic results indicated that another request for an Ontario Trillium grant would enable further development of the King Township Archives Project (KTAP), including outreach instruction for the public who participated in a conservation workshop using classrooms offered to KTAP by The Country Day School. It was intended to help those who kept family documents and treasures of all kinds in their homes. A series of "Paper Trails" at libraries and the local museum allowed the public to have cherished mementoes scanned for the KTAP records, since at that time, there was no archival storage possible.

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    The Archives Grows
    The second grant was obtained in 2002 to continue the research. Formation of an ambitious partnership between the Boards of the Historical Society and the King Township Public Library made collection of tangible items possible. Many precious documents, photos, and tape-recorded interviews flooded into the new archive. The grant paid for a contract archivist to organize the varied donations, and the Library Board generously permitted a small room at the King City branch to be allocated to archives' use. In 2003 Mayor Margaret Black cut a ceremonial ribbon officially recognizing the establishment of the King Township Archives.

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    image placeholder A Home For The Archives
    Thanks to monetary contribution by the Laskay Variety Show and two donations in recognition of the Copson and Webb families of King Township, the room at the Library was equipped with necessary preservation materials and a computer; some funds are available for education of the volunteer staff as well as employment for qualified workers who have
    included Vanessa Svec, Athena Loopstra, Fiona Cowles, Sandra Fuller and Ted Wickson. Credit for encouragment and support also must go the the Council, Township of King and
    to the local press - the King Weekly and the King Township Sentinel.

    In 2005 the Ontario Historical Society gave the Dorothy Duncan Award to the King Township Archives partnership, recognizing the "outstanding contribution to the heritage of its region."
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    image placeholder The Archives Today
    Now administered by the Archives Management Committee comprised of Historical Society volunteers and representatives of the King Township Public Library, with advice from professionals in the Archives Association of Ontario and internet archival sources, the Archives continues to receive materials and adds oral histories to its collection. Queries are received about genealogy, early schools, area businesses, churches and other organizations. Without the Archives, much knowledge of the township's
    past would be lost or scattered. "Timeless King Online" which can be accessed from distant places via carries data and visuals from the Library's Local History collection as well as that entered by the Archives.

    In June of 2015, the Archives were moved to the King Heritage and Cultural Centre, next to the King Museum, at 2920 King Road, King City.

    To contact the Archives for queries or an appointment to visit, please call 905.833.2331
    or email
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